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International Yoga Day: Namaskar is actually ‘Yoga For All’

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day on 21st June, the spiritual leader Sadhguru reveals the significance of Indian ‘Namaskar’. Indians join hands in ‘Namaskar’ while greeting everyone. But, not many know the actual significance of this one gesture. Joining hands in ‘Namaskar’ brings in harmony all around. The spiritual leader Sadhguru says, “Namaskar is the Purest form...


5 Easy-to-Practice Yoga Positions for Relieving Stress

Stress is one of the silent killers of the modern era that is affecting not only the grown-ups but the younger ones as well. Yes, not even the kids are safe! Every one of you out there must be facing some or the other stress in life; be it due to the hardships of working under a strict boss,...