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On an average, it takes 36 days to fill in a position. That means that most companies take more than a month’s time to find a talented candidate. If it takes this long to fill a position, you might be at risk of losing a highly qualified candidate to your competitor.

It’s important to thoroughly evaluate a candidate but it’s also important to complete the evaluation as efficiently as possible. So, here are the two most effective tips to reduce your time to hire and select a qualified employee.

1. Track Hiring Metrics

At times, you may end up recruiting the wrong person for the wrong job and they end up leaving the company within a few weeks or months. In a situation like this, you need to collect data and information about your recruiting process. Then analyze and evaluate the process to see if you can make improvements to make it more effective and efficient.

You need to analyze the quality of hire at regular intervals. Identify your worst and best hires and analyze the similarities and differences in their hiring process.

This will help you identify processes that contribute to bad hires so you know what to skip, strengthening your overall hiring process. Over time, this will help you identify highly qualified candidates quickly and decrease your time to hire.

2. Create Recruitment Teams

It may be impossible for one hiring manager to take on all of the responsibility and fulfill it efficiently. In fact, it can also increase your time to hire if there’s only one person handling everything. So, you need to set up a proper team of at least two people (or more) to carry out tasks involving recruitment.

The responsibility should be equally distributed among all the team members. This will not only leave less room for errors but will also decrease your time to hire. All members can bring in their perspective on finalizing candidates and help the company to select the most suitable ones. However, avoid including too many people in the team as that could create chaos.

Check out the infographic below by Candidate Rewards if you want to learn about more strategies to decrease your time to hire.

Minimize Your Time to Hire with These Awesome Strategies

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