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This is the Biggest Challenge I Faced Every Day

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I struggled with streamlining and organizing my thoughts and ideas . I find my mind wavering into doing n number of things, but concentrating on none.

The biggest challenge I faced in remaining productive is to learn when to stop brainstorming and start working on a top-priority task, taking things one at a time.

The solution

Recently, I started quickly penning down everything that comes to my mind as notes. These include:

  • Random thoughts and ideas
  • Resources that could help professional or personal growth
  • Reading list (articles or news which may be relevant or imp.)
  • List of platforms or tools I would like to check out

I pen them down on a Google Keep note card, my Sticky notes, or a mysterious “001” titled Google Doc (whose version history is scary!)

How did keeping notes help me overcome my biggest challenge and improve my focus?

It prevents me from spending an hour reading and making notes from the article, which I could add to my reading list for later.

Similarly, I no longer start designing a graphic to post on socials for a random thought or quote that came to my mind.

From spending hours on random tasks, I have shifted to spending 5 mins max. jotting down the idea.

This helps me spend most of my time getting the right things done in time — such as finishing my day’s job article for submission.

But does that mean those ideas or to-dos will never be worked on?

Not really!

How to ensure that your random ideas are worked on

You can:

  • Work on those ideas over weekends or late evenings.
  • Read articles or check out video resources while commuting.
  • Organize different types of tasks and work on them in batches, such as turning all random quotes and lines into graphics and Reels at the end of the week.

Do you also find yourself juggling between the task at hand and random growth ideas?

Try my recently-found way to focus on what’s the most important.

Make notes your best pal!

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