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The Perfect Secret to a Happy Life

Hi folks!

What is the one thing that we all yearn for all through our lives? – ‘Happiness’, isn’t it?

You may want to earn a lot of money and get rich or, to build yourself a beautiful house, to get a loving partner for life, to have nice, smart kids, to crack that job interview which you feel would change your life or, to book a round the world ticket and travel to unseen lands. You may want a lot of things in life, perhaps each one of us wanting different things in life. But, out of all the things that you and me desire for, there is one common thing that we all crave for and that is – ‘happiness’.

It is only because of our wish to be happy that we constantly keep chasing the people we would love to have in our life, the materialistic possessions we want to acquire, a better lifestyle, fancy jewelry, grand celebrations, a big car, luxury apartments and what not?

And in between all the efforts that you put in constantly chasing people and things that you THINK would make you happy, you actually end up emptying your own self. Before you lose all the beautiful time you have, sacrificing your wishes, dreams, likes/dislikes, inner peace and sometimes, even the REAL ‘YOU’, just to make people happy or just to acquire a luxurious home, think about it…

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things!

Keep working towards your goals and the right people will follow. Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Secret to a Happy Life”

  1. Happiness has become more than a concept or a goal: It’s an industry. That means there are tons of sources telling us different things about how to be happy, all the time

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