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16 Simple Steps for Living a Better Life…

Have a look around yourself.

What do you see?

Nearly everyone today seems to be living a broken and exhausted life. It seems as if we are nothing more than some drained out shells who are managing to survive and sustain through the daily chores and responsibilities of our life somehow.

Is it all that we are born for?

I guess, not!

We need to pick ourselves up and realize that Life is not just about Existing it is about Much More. Life is about living each moment and making the most out of it. I know you must be feeling good to read it and must be able to connect to these lines at one point or the other but at the same time somewhere in your heart arises a doubt, “Living to the fullest sounds good but how far it is practically possible among all the things and circumstances that draw you back?”

live life king size

Well! Life is all about how you look at things and deal with them. Many of you must be waking up everyday to wish if you had a better home or a better job or more loving kids, your life would get better. But my dear folks, the secret to a better life lies in living with what you have to the fullest!

The quickest way to Live a Better Life is to start Loving the Life you Live…

Here I bring to you some really Simple Steps to Live a Better Life:

1. Love

Love is the base for all things in life – the reason you were born at first! Love is something that you should carry within yourself all through your life. Love your life and everything about it Deeply, Completely, Unconditionally and Constantly!!

I am Not in Love… Love is in Me…

2. Keep it Simple

Enjoy having a simpler approach to life. Enjoy the little things in life that actually make a difference like a talk with a ‘long time no see’ friend or a pani puri treat, getting wet in the rain, a look at the beautiful flower that just bloomed in your garden or just anything that can bring a smile to that face of yours. Enjoy! and Appreciate! all the nice things that happen around you all day through.

3. Nurture Relationships

nurturing relationships

Relationships hold to be the most valuable assets for all humans. And for a happy life it is essential to have beautiful relationships. So, nurture your relationships each day, each moment with basic values like love, care, trust, respect and understanding and see the way these relationships will make you look back on life with satisfaction and contentment. Having an iMac or a Mercedes may be great fun for sure but a good friend or a darling hubby is worth much more!

4. Be Social

Having a circle of people to talk to, to roam with, to share things with is a source of happiness and excitement. Go out. Interact. Make new friends. Party and Live your life your way.

5. Be Independent

Independence is bliss. By Independence, I mean Complete Independence – Financially, Physically and Emotionally!!

Discover your passion and likings and strive to make a career in it. Love your work. Enjoy the perks of earning your own living. Also, take hold of your own life. Do things yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to bring you an ice cream or to take you out for a walk, serve you dinner, switch on the fan for you. You have your Own Hands and Feet, Remember? Make use of them. And the most important – Don’t let people govern your moods. It is you and just you who can affect How you Feel. Being Happy is a Choice. You aren’t a Matchstick that Anybody could Put on Fire, right?? 😉

6. Start your Own Business

Be your own boss. Enjoy the perks of freedom, independence, your own working time, own decisions and yes, learning your own responsibilities.

7. Stop Lying

To others and to yourself. No matter what situation you are in, a lie won’t help for long. Be Straightforward. Tell the Truth, however hard it may be.

8. Read

Read good books or a fine selection of blogs. A reading habit is good for nourishing your brain, keeping it active and responsive and can also turn out to be a great friend for you along the way.

9. Keep A Journal

keep a journal - track your life, heart and soul

Pen down your feelings, ideas, goals and memories. It may seem to be of no use at the first sight but over time you will realize how a Journal can help you live life at its best. Plus it is a treasure house of all your little moments and a track of all good lessons that life teaches you each day.

10. Never Chase Perfection

Perfection is nothing more than a ‘Myth’. Chasing it will only ruin your life and do no good. Being Better is a better choice to make. 😉

11. Stop Pleasing People

No matter how hard you try you will never be able to satisfy people so, better concentrate on pleasing the one you see in the mirror!

Please Your Own Self First

Yeah! Take care you don’t harm others for your pleasure but also don’t plan to sacrifice yourself for people’s never ending demands and expectations. It’s your Life after all…

12. Have No Regrets

Whatever you Did or Whatever you Had was Everything that you Wanted at Some Point of Time. So, Why Regret? Enjoy what you have in hands today and live it to the fullest – it’s your Present that matters the most.

live the present and have fun

13. Close your Ears to What will People Say Thoughts

Another big curse on your life is worrying about What will People Say? People will always have something or the other to say no matter what you do. Not only the world out there but your very own family members, close friends and even your parents have something or the other to say on anything and everything that you do.

Why are you awake till 2?

These ear plugs are going to damage your ears and make you deaf one day.

Don’t wear whites today.

Look how weird is your laugh.

n many more blah blah and blahs… Now, it is up to you whether you want to ruin your mood and day for their blahs or you wish to enjoy what you like?? Think about it.

It is better to Close your Ears to anything unessential and to listen Only what you really feel is worth. Ignore the rest. Your heart is a perfect judge for determining this fine line between the talks that have some point and the ones that don’t. Be true to your heart and be true to yourself. This is all that matters.

baki “Cotton Plugs” – I know it is easy to say, difficult to remain calm at comments and statements but then, do you have any other alternative??? Nai na??? (I am sure you don’t want to call a fight by commenting back when it is your elders standing the other side :p) So, practice hearing what you should and ignoring what you need not.

As said, Ignorance is bliss.

14. Respect your Hobbies/Passions/Choices

You have the right to paint or to go on a photography venture, trek the rough terrains of Gangtok, spend an evening experiencing the ocean waves hit those rocks, write a poetic verse on life, dance even if you are bad at it or do whatever comes to your heart. It is alright to order a Chocolate Cup when everyone else is sharing a Butterscotch Family Pack.

Killing your own hobbies/passions/choices for no good reason makes no sense and is of no help. It will only lead to frustration in the long run and thereby affect your family and relationships negatively.

Remember, it is important to be happy inside in order to spread happiness outside.

15. Be Thankful

Express gratitude. With all your heart. Remember the grocer where you buy vegetables from? or the friend who always helps? or that stranger on the street who informed you about your dropped wallet? Say thanks, appreciate their efforts and see those smiles shine 🙂

16. Say a ‘No’

Though it’s a small little two letter word yet is often the Most Difficult one to Say. Not much people will bother to think if you are willing to do something at the moment or not and a very few care and respect what you feel. In such a scenario, it’s Only and Only you who will have to take a stand for yourself and Say a ‘No’ to things that you don’t want in your life.

Whether it is about denying to attend a ceremony, not wanting to eat a sweet that you dislike, refusing to wear that diamond bracelet that makes you conscious and hinder your enjoyment or standing against your family that is asking you to think of marriage, a ‘No’ is what you will have to say for yourself. No one else will.

And Mind you, saying a ‘No’ is just the beginning! Because then will start the ‘trying to convince you’ phase, the ’emotional atyachaar’ phase and what not? People have commendable power of making you feel guilty as if it was a sin you committed – denying them!!

कभी कभी तो किसी और का मन रखने के लिए भी कर लेने चाहिए कुछ काम

I agree! but “kabhi kabhi” and not “always”

So, ensure that this ‘Sometimes’ does not transform into ‘Always’ – turning your life into a mess!

Again, your heart is your true judge. Never step back on the genuine responsibilities but also not ruin your life for the unnecessary wills of others.

I can go on writing with many more steps to follow but I guess, this is enough for today! :p So, let me conclude these with the “मूल मंत्र” for Living a Better Life n that sums up into these Three Magical Words:

follow your heart

Yeah… Follow Your Heart says it all… Learn, Remember, Practice and Pursue these three Golden Words and lead towards Living a Better Life… Start Today!!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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