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Being in the Pink of Health

Hi Folks!

Sorry for my absence on the blog all this while. I have been ill. I still am in the recovery phase for now. But, much better, so nothing to worry about as such!


Such days, the days when you fall sick and feel lifeless, are actually important to remind you the importance of good health. All goals, all plans, all projects, your planned family/friends trip, all these mean nothing until you’re fit enough to pursue them and enjoy. Isn’t it?

But, we still tend to neglect our health while being involved in other stuff. Just like I did and then, paid back with 2 days complete rest and all the suffering…:p

importance of good health

Even if you get back to basics and listen to your ancestors, the importance of health has been mentioned as “pehla sukh – nirogi kaya”. This suggests the first key to happiness is ‘being in the pink of health’. Everything else falls after that. Still, you and me keep neglecting health to the point where we aren’t left with an option of neglecting it any more.

So, why not make some efforts to eat healthy and stay fit regularly? It will not take much of your time and efforts. It is just about a conscious monitoring of eating healthy stuff, getting enough rest and having a good sleep to nourish your body and mind and staying in the pink of health at all times. Taking good care of your health will not only make you feel energetic and prevent diseases/illness but, will also improve your performance at all other aspects of life!

I’ll be coming up with more posts on ‘eating healthy and staying fit’ in the coming days…

So, stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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