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Choosing the Right Categories for your Blog Posts

Before getting into blogging, many of you must have read about different blogging advices, blogging tips, crafting out good, engaging posts, starting with yours first blog post and a lot more. But there exist another important aspect about blogging which is often missed and that is talking about ‘Choosing the Right Categories for your Blog Posts’. So today I am going to cover this topic.

Almost all blogging platforms allow you to select blog categories in order to keep your content organized. And as beginners, you often tend to choose categories on your instinct, not giving much thought. But with the passage of time you are likely to realize the real importance of carefully choosing the right blog categories since these affect the overall benefit and success of your blog. So, why not start today rethinking about your blog’s categories?

Blog categories not only assist in organizing your content but also determine the direction they take readers into. It is indeed recommended that you do some planning before deciding on your categories. Before we proceed further, let us have a look at some key points that you should keep in mind while choosing your blog categories:

  • Opt for broader categories which could encompass many posts belonging to similar topics since you won’t want to end up with just one or two posts in each category. But, at the same time ensure that you stay relevant. For example, instead of going for a category appropriate for ‘World Cup 2015 matches’, opt for a a category named ‘Cricket’ that is more broad and allows space for greater number of posts under it.
  • Have as few categories as possible to avoid any blog clutter in your sidebar and to give readers a list of concrete topics to read. With too many choices the readers often end up reading nothing so better to keep it precise.
  • If you are new to blogging you can be flexible with the content that you present. This gives you an opportunity to go through the most popular blog categories on Google and make your posts revolve around these.
  • The category names must be self explanatory letting the readers understand what the category comprises of.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Blog Categories

Blog categories are indeed the most powerful tools that you may use to exercise full control over your content as a blogger. When used properly, blog categories can be used as the key to efficient, automated SEO and content management. With a bit of good knowledge, you can use categories to direct readers to browse through your content in a smarter, more intuitive way and govern internal link building strategies so that the readers get to read more and more posts of their interest. This will ensure that readers stay on your site for long thereby helping your rankings get better.

Most Popular Blog Categories

Some of the most popular blog categories according to Google include music, fashion, cars, beauty, travel, design. Other categories that attract reader are food, wedding, health, SEO, business, science, parenting and celebrity gossip.

So, the next time you compose a blog post, ensure to make it fall under the right blog category and get going. Keep writing and keep expressing… Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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