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Earthquake in Nepal and Northern India 2015

As you must be all aware – A devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Ritcher scale hit Nepal causing tremors in northern India as well. Over 3,200 killed and more than 6,000 injured and still counting. Tremors were felt all the way from Delhi to Guwahati and from Srinagar to Jaipur. And the aftershocks continued even half an hour later. There was panic in Nepal that deteriorated the scene even more. Besides the capital city Kathmandu, cities including Besisahar in Lamjung, Bharatpur, Pokhara and Kirtipur got affected by this massive tremor.

Since that very moment, this earthquake is the only issue being covered all over the News channels, social networking sites, offices’ lunch table discussions and where not? You must also be talking, sharing updates and discussing about the disaster, sighing on the damage that has taken place, talking about the relief operations’ proceedings, praising the ministerial teams and RSS workers who are joining the rescue operations, praying for the victims and the survivors, expressing grief for the ones who have lost their people, complaining about today’s lifestyle that is responsible for provoking earth for disasters and maybe, somewhere in your heart, thanking God that you are still SAFE…!!

Earthquake in Nepal and Northern India 2015

It’s too obvious to get affected by such happenings. Being an Indian, it is proud to know that your country’s government and military have extended hands for helping the quake-hit Nepal. And being a human, disasters like this are times, when you (people worldwide) feel more connected to mankind; regardless of the lines drawn across maps. These are moments to pray for the well-being of the survivors, neglecting any borders. After all, it’s your world. Your people. Your earth. Your loss. It is not about one country or community.

On the other hand, disasters like this massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal and northern India, make you think about life once again. All fresh. Not many will deny to the fact that – Life is just too unpredictable and Death is an unknown, often uninvited visitor! What’s more worse is not dying but, being left to live; handicapped, mentally imbalanced or having lost the ones you love.

Earthquake in Nepal and Northern India 2015

If you are reading this – you are still SAFE!! But, for how long? As I keep mentioning in my posts, Life is a time-bomb. Neither you, nor me – are aware of what is to come the next moment. All that you have is today, this moment. Live in it. Make the most out of it. Don’t stay angry from the ones you love. You never know how long you will be together. Perhaps, there were a few, who lost their loved ones in this earthquake without even letting them know that they love them.

Before Life starts taking your Breathe away,
Ensure that you Live each Breathe being Happy, Caring, Loving, Enjoying!

Create moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Talk your heart out with your friends, colleagues, family. If you have issues unsolved, go, talk to them and solve all issues now. Let your parents know you love them. Squeeze your best of friends, telling them how lucky you are to have them. Appreciate people for their kind acts. Greet everyone you meet with smiles. Love, Live and Let Live!

Before Life runs out, let us Celebrate this Blessing. Today, I thank all my readers for being there, for reading my posts, for the likes and support, for the surprise comments that motivate me to write more, for staying connected, spreading the word and much more. I am glad to have you here Folks… n I love you all… 🙂

Thank You Readers

Now, it’s your turn – Express Love, Spread Happiness, the World is Right There waiting for your Warm Gestures, Make Someone Smile today and START – Right from your Homes!!

Have a Great Day ahead…

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