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Tips to Make Working from Home More Productive

With youths who love their freedom and are more inclined towards following their own passion, working from home is the new trend. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs and other professionals consider working from home pretty more advantageous. I fall into the same list 😉

I admit that working from home keeps you away from the little joys of an office life like making close friends at the office and enjoying those cups of coffee together but then, it does allow you to get more done. In terms of productivity and well-being, working from home has its own real benefits.

Yeah! There are times when you find DISTRACTIONS CALLING!! – the piling up dirty dishes in the sink, your favourite episodes screaming, “Watch me.”, the social networking giants tempting you, beautiful rain outside compelling you to get wet, kids playing around, etc. etc. After all, you are your own boss, no one to shout and no one to pass strict orders your way! If this sounds like you, here I have a few ways to make working from home a more productive experience for you.

distractions when working from home

Set a Schedule

When working from home, you can either find yourself working for too long so as to complete work early or giving in to enjoy an extra long lunch. It is therefore, important to stick to a set routine that clearly defines your work time and free time. It is extremely important to plan your work time, short breaks and a specific time for lunch so that you don’t mess things up.

Get a Workspace

organized workspace

When working from home, you have the whole house to yourself. In such a scenario, many people think they can open their laptop sitting on the sofa or placing it at kitchen top or just anywhere and get started. But, even when at home, you still need to have an organized spot where you can get all your work done. Keeping your workspace organized and your work desk clutter-free helps in creating a perfect work environment, which further results in effective work management.

Take REAL Breaks

Don’t forget the significance of ‘me’ time. Ensure that you take short breaks to rejuvenate yourself from time to time. And by Breaks, I mean, REAL Breaks…!! Rather than surfing through social networking sites or sending texts to your friends, keep your cell aside and utilize your breaks to stroll in the garden, take your dog out for a walk, head to a coffee cafe or take a refreshing nap to get re-energized. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance not only boosts up your productivity but, also keeps you happy and motivated!

Eat Healthy

healthy snacks

Plan healthy meals and snacks to nourish you and set your times to eat during the day. Your body will thank you for the good food! Also, working with a full stomach for sure improves your efficiency.

Head out for Meetings Once in a While

Working from home can isolate you from the world. To prevent this, set up meetings with clients every once in a while. Meeting out for lunch or evening coffee can really act as a break to your routine and at the same time, help your business grow.

Use these tips to supercharge your productivity while you enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. Ensure that you get more done in less time and stay refreshed while working from home. What strategies do you use to make working from home more productive? Share your amazing tips in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Tips to Make Working from Home More Productive”

  1. Truth is, everyone’s working routine is different. Some people like taking one long break while some find it more productive taking many short breaks and that’s ok. None the less, all these tips are helpful and I’m sure home-based workers will find them useful. Cheers!

    1. Yeah, I admit! Working routines differ from person to person, depending on what suits them more. Be it short or long but, break and work time must be clearly distinguished in your schedule so as to be more productive! Happy that you find these tips useful 🙂

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