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Follow the Footsteps of Successful People

Oftentimes, you might have come across the wise words that say:

“The key to success is hard work and dedication.”

But, if you ask some of the most successful people today, they would rather say:

“The key to success today is SMART work.”

Pretty true it is. Working hard endlessly for hours and days will land you no where if you don’t produce some good outputs. It is all about what you make out of your working hours that matters the most. Successful people don’t work harder, they work smarter. They are the ones who approach their work in a smarter way to drive out the best of their productivity.

With just a few tips and tricks to enhance your productivity you can easily get your work done in half the time that you might be spending today. This means you will have more time to relax, to have fun and to come up with new ideas for greater success.

Before I lead you towards the tips and tricks to enhance your productivity, let me first draw your attention towards what kills your productivity. Stuff like the rolling emails, unexpected phone calls, social media notifications, unprepared meetings, etc. can derail your day’s schedule in no time and end up making you work harder and longer.

So, before these kill your precious time and distract you from what you should have actually been doing, let me bring to you some tactics that successful people use to improve their productivity and focus on what’s important!

Utilize the Power of Early Morning Focus

There is nothing like the powerful early morning focus. You are at your most relaxed and refreshed self during the early morning hours. Also, since most of the people are asleep during those early morning hours, there is less of distraction and disturbance. These quite hours are the best to deal with your toughest tasks for the day. Practice taking advantage of your early morning focus to get the most important work accomplished first. You will feel relaxed and experience greater focus throughout you day if you get your toughest tasks done in the morning itself!

Schedule your Work

Rather than getting started on your instincts, it is essential to lay out a clear schedule for your work. Make a list of all that you need to accomplish every week and break your bigger projects into smaller segments. Clearly plan deadlines and assign space for all sections of your work and ensure that you achieve them all. While planning, it is essential to be realistic and set achievable targets. Don’t cram your day’s schedule with too much.

Take Breaks

Working continuously for long hours drains away your energy and you end up being less productive. This is why it is essential to take breaks for channelizing your energy in a better way. Stretch yourself to avoid the pain in muscles, change your body postures from time to time, walk up to the other side of your office, grab a cup of coffee, give your mind a break or, just anything that you like!

Be Quick with your Decisions

Though it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons of a situation before coming to a decision but, putting up hours in making decisions for the day-to-day operations of your business is not really required. Unless and until there is something crucial that would affect your company in the long term, don’t longer the decisions. Often, your gut instincts lead you to the right place when you have a choice to make. Do not over-think and be quick with those less important decisions; making them in two minutes or less.

Choose Phone Calls over Emails

While emails are convenient and the most used for business conversations. Sometimes, you can save a lot of your time by switching over to a phone call. For example, setting up a meeting can be done in less than 5 minutes over a phone call while it may consume about 15-20 minutes negotiating over the time and place via emails. Choose wisely when to communicate over phone calls or emails so as to save a lot of your precious time.

Delegate your Work

Your time is precious and moreover, you cannot do it all on your own. It is better to delegate some of your less important works to others so that you have more time to concentrate on what is more important. While you make others handle the smaller tasks, you will get time to focus on future plans for the growth and success of your company.

Handle One Task at a time

Though multi-tasking sounds fun but, it is not! Multi-tasking only sabotages your own productivity. Focusing on multiple tasks at once not only ends up ruining the quality of each task but also consumes longer hours. Adopt single-tasking and get more done in less time. Also, you will able to give your best in each of the tasks that you complete.

There are more I can list but, I guess, I’ll wind it up here for today. These little tips, if followed can really change the way you get your work done. Follow the footsteps of the successful and get closer to your own success!

Enjoy working smarter that will leave you with more time to have fun and more time to spend with your near and dear ones!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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