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Freedom is…


It is one of the most talked about, yet, least understood words! Freedom is not only being free from slavery or someone else’s rule or living on your own independently, it is about actually feeling free from inside; to speak what you feel like, to do what you love to, to be your own self and not, what others want you to be. Freedom is a word with broader horizons, meaning different to different people.


To me, Freedom is…

  • Being yourself.
  • Pursuing your own dreams. It is about breaking all walls that are holding you back; be it your family, your own inhibitions, the society or politics. If you chase your dreams with utmost faith and enthusiasm, nothing could ever stop you from being where you want to be. 🙂
  • Making your own choices; from choosing what to wear or eat to deciding what your career prospect will be.
  • Spending your time your way. You can either spend your evening hanging out with friends or, work all day long or just sit and relax in the lawn. Sometimes, you may even become a night owl, working all night, if that suits you more!
  • Liberating yourself from all negative feelings and emotions. Nothing on the planet should be able to let you down.
  • Travelling on your own or with your friends/family. Exploring different lands gives you a sense of independence in itself. It teaches you to adapt to different living conditions, temperature and people and brings you closer to your own self.

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  • Letting go. Things and people that pull you down hold no place in your life or heart/mind (whatever you use more) :p Nothing to restrict you from rising and shining!
  • Taking nothing personally. People will always have something or the other to say. Remember, you can never please them all. Oops! You can’t even please one of them. 😉 So, whatever they say, just let them be. What others think of you should never affect the way you think about yourself.
  • Being independent financially. Earning your own living gives you the strength to follow your own path. You can spend all that you earn, the way you want; either buy gifts for friends and family, buy yourself that outfit you loved while roaming in the mall, plan a vacation to a place in your travel list, save for building your own home or just anything! You are a free bird! Earn and fly as high as you desire. 🙂
  • Dissociating yourself from the unseen chains of expectations and societal pressure. Oftentimes, you are being told to maintain a certain lifestyle, earn a certain amount of money, have a good, secure job, dress up a certain way, etc. You need to free yourself from this underlying pressure. There is no harm in refusing an IT job and venturing out to pursue your interest in photography; even if the society disapproves. Because, its YOU who should decide, what you want from life.
  • Being able to do all your daily chores yourself; whether it’s about washing your clothes, cleaning your room/home, getting yourself stuff from the market, driving or cooking yourself a meal. You may have a number of helping hands to take care of these things but still, you must know how to help yourself, when you get no one else to help!
  • Being your own boss. You can’t deny the perks of working for your own self. No boss to shout at you, no orders to follow, no fix time to work; everything is in your own hands. I admit, it is a big responsibility and most often, you end up working for even longer hours. But then, doing what you love, the way you like, at the time that suits you, with the people you want to, is itself a big thing! You can work for 6 months and plan a vacation or take a 3 days off for a friend’s wedding, without having to think of excuses to make at office! After all, you are the boss! 🙂

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  • Enjoying the million little things in life; an ice-cream at 2a.m., a dance in the rain, a late night walk, a fight over Maggie, 12a.m. birthday celebrations and what not!
  • Building a circle of your own. Family and relatives are what you get by birth but, when talking about friends, it’s your choice. Have people you really feel comfortable with. Whether it is about landing in to a guys’ gang or about being sisters from different mothers; whom you want to call a friend is purely your outlook. 🙂 A boy or a girl, a kid or a grandmother’s age lady, whoever it may be; a Friend is always a Friend (no matter what people say)!!
  • Writing your heart out. Pen down the things/feelings/memories you want to and share your opinions with the world out there. (Blogging here, is my way to do so!) 😉 By the way, I do maintain a Journal too :p

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  • Feeling free. From inside.

Rather than a possession, freedom is a feeling. True freedom begins at heart; it is how you feel about literally anything and everything, whatsoever and however, wherever and whenever. It is believing that you are free, free as a bird, to follow your heart and live your dreams!

Jotted down all that came to me when pondering over the word, ‘Freedom’. What do you think? What comes to your mind when you hear, ‘Freedom’? What does freedom mean to you?

Experience your freedom to express and share what you feel in the comments below. I would love to hear from you 🙂 Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Freedom is…”

  1. Really one should not work under a boss, that will screw you mind badly!!! they don’t want to do anything on their own, and they will make sure that you end up in a problem every day.

    1. Not all bosses are the same and then, it depends on what suits you more. Some people prefer the 9-5 job while, some believe in chasing their own dreams/passions! Freedom is doing what you feel like 🙂

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