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Here Strikes February…

Here Strikes February…

Often referred as the ‘Month of Love’, this is a special time of the year touching romantic realms. Life gets all lovey-dovey with numerous love quotes, sweet messages, Valentine’s week contests, romantic mesh ups, parties and you hear people saying, ‘Love is in the air’.

The charm of the Valentine’s Day that falls on the 14th of this month can be felt from the first day of the month itself as if the entire month of February was made for love! You find love themes all around – in coffee cafes, restaurants, even the huge shopping malls get adorned with red white balloons and its high time to prepare yourself with surprise plans, candies, roses and cards to mesmerize your loved ones with beautiful expressions of love and devotion towards them.

valentine's day

Folks! My question to you is – Can Love be so easily confined to just one Valentine’s Day or one Month of Love? That also the shortest month of the year?

Don’t you think this V-day gets too much of untrue attention? Can’t say about you, but I don’t see a point in reserving one day to celebrate love? Don’t you feel – Rather than expressions of true love, this day/month is just becoming a time for couples to brag about how much they love each other.


n Why only Valentine’s day? This same thing goes for all other popularly celebrated days including Mother’s day, Father’s day and Friendship day. There is nothing great about placing your parents in old age homes and celebrating Mother’s and Father’s day on fixed dates on the calendar. Similarly, there is no point in bringing huge bouquets, teddy, chocolates and gifts this Valentine’s Week just for showing off when actually your relationship is striving to survive!

Don’t get me wrong!

I am not against celebrating these days. Just like Birthdays that arrive once in a year and the festivals that we celebrate, these days also bring you moments to cherish for a lifetime and there is no harm in it…

But, my point is Express Love when you Feel it – don’t do things for the world out there, do it for yourself, for the ones you really care for. Be True to Your Heart n rest all is fine… don’t wait for special days to do something special for the ones you love.

Express Love when you Feel it

Love is not just about a day or a month, it is a Feeling for Life…There is no better feeling than love and there is no better thing to do than expressing love towards your friends, family, elders, other fellow humans, nature, wildlife or the ‘One’ you take as your companion for life.

So, keep expressing and stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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