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In Relationship with Techno Gadgets – Aren’t We??

With the advancements in technology, everything in our life has become gadget based. Whether you want to shop for a new outfit or set a reminder for some important task. Gone are the days when you slept saying, “Maa, wake me at 6a.m. please”. Now, you have your array of morning alarms set right in your phones which keep snoozing till you finally get out of your bed, right???

Is this new scenario good or bad? Well! There is nothing like being good or bad: every coin has two faces, everything in life has its own pros and cons…

But, just give it a thought! How far is being dependent on gadgets fine? Gadgets have overpowered a lot of things in life from becoming your wake up alarm to being your reminder and now they are overpowering “emotions” too…

Have you ever thought where we are leading to with the increased involvement of techno gadgets in our life? Texting, posting statuses, sharing quotes and snaps, commenting and liking; we all are wandering in a virtual world most of the times in our day.

Relationships are nourished not by meeting people in person and spending quality time with them. Rather we are getting more and more into relationships with our screens, be it your smart phone screen or your laptop screen. Relationships nowadays are built virtually. They grow and conceivably die across a virtual world behind your screens.

The heartfelt conversations which you once used to have sitting next to each other have turned into late night texting. Your smiles, winks, expressions need the n number of cute stickers or smileys to get conveyed. Faking smiles is easier today… you just need to send a smiley!! Have you ever thought how better a place this world would turn into if we begin to smile as much as the number of smileys that we send across our screens all day? Even 1/4th of those smiles across your lips would lighten the scene…

In the same way, ‘feelings’ which were expressed face to face via little gestures, taking some efforts have turned into status messages. What do you think? Putting up a status message and posting a snap with your loved ones on their special days, birthdays or anniversaries is enough for showing that you care? Can a text ever take the place of a personal meeting? Would posting the snap of a chocolate cake on their FB walls replace the celebration of cutting the cake together and having fun while you make each other eat those bites with love and affection? Can a picture ever bring you the fun of ruining faces, birthday bumps, teasing, running that a real birthday celebration brings?

Even apologies, being upset with someone and anger have turned into a few senti words quoted together. Friends fight over texts and they get back to normal over texts, statuses, pictures. Blocking or deleting a conversation is how you end your relationships and a “can never forget” update is how you express that you still miss the ones whom you have blocked? Is that all we are left with?

With the techno friendly environment that we are living in, we have all somewhere forgotten how to pen down our feelings in a diary or on our friends’ birthday cards or on notes we used to leave for each other or those scribbles on the last page of our registers while we used to share things with friends sitting next to us during lectures… It has all faded out of our life…

I wonder! Just like the way we have forgotten how to write with a pen, we all will soon forget how to express our emotions without a keyboard!! Isn’t it???

Think about it folks! I’ll be waiting to hear what you feel like in the comments below. Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…

4 thoughts on “In Relationship with Techno Gadgets – Aren’t We??”

  1. techno-gadgets are all these days …. frm waking up to closing ur eyes ….. nd this scenario is sometimes bad nd sometimes good , it had made things more easier nd ppl r just a click away so its good …. nd its bad becoz everythng is on ur screen.
    btw well written (y) !!! keep on writing 🙂

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