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Looking for a Summer Activity?


It’s summer time! Also, it is time for schools and colleges to be closed for summer vacations. Undoubtedly, summer break is the time to sit and relax and save yourself from the scorching heat. The initial days of the summer vacation are always fun. You get time to relax and play and have fun with your family and friends. But, as time passes, you get bored with no idea what to do all day. After all there is a limit to how lazy you can be or how much time you can spend lying leisurely. After that, you will find everyone cribbing about how boring this June is and how bad is that fiery sun that doesn’t allow you to step out!

Before this phase strikes your head this summer, I have something for you!!

Some great ideas exclusively to make your summer 2015 happening! For all those who are looking out for activities to do this summer, this post is a must read! Check out these fun summer activities to live it up this summer. Do what interests you more and transform it into a memorable vacation!

Have some Family Time

Utilize every moment of this summer break to spend quality time with your family. Look out for activities and games that you can enjoy together or, watch some good films together turning your home into a home theatre!

Plan Picnics


Hanging out with your family, relatives and friends for a day out in a garden resort or near a water body is utmost fun. Take a day off from your gadgets and enjoy with the people and surroundings around. Play cards, cricket or antakshari or whatever and feast on sandwiches, fruits and the home cooked food that you have packed along.

Have Fun with Photos

Relive memories by going through your old photographs and remembering instances from the past. You can also create an interesting photo journal using the photos that truly connect to your life. Paste your wonderful photos and add words that tell stories from the past. You can either gift your journal to a close friend or family member or, can keep it to yourself for bringing back memories later.

Indulge into some Good Reading

read good books

Reading is a good choice to enjoy being indoors. Good reading is a great tool to nourish you with new hopes, new stories, new ideas and enhanced vocabulary. An interesting book or an engaging blog can take a lot of your time and you will never really come to know how your day passed. Have some copies of good books or some blogs bookmarked, be it novels or inspirational stories or about a topic that interests you.

Try Surfing


Summer time is the best season for surfing! Surfing is a popular water sport that is widely practiced in countries like Hawaii, Australia and Maldives. But you don’t really need to travel to these countries for surfing as you get surfing opportunities in your own country as well. It is an immensely enticing water sport to indulge into and it’s super fun! After all, who won’t enjoy talking to the waves with their surfboards on?

Bring your Childhood Back


There is nothing more exciting than reliving your childhood, so bring those days back this summer! Try spilling colours over a sketchbook or let the crayons speak for you. Bring your childhood games back and indulge into what you always enjoyed such as playing hopscotch, hide and seek, seven stones, scramble, chess, card games, etc. Share your childhood stories. Contact your childhood buddies and call them home. Have fun cherishing the most beautiful phase of life – ‘Childhood’.

Go Hiking

Hiking is interesting. It lets you explore new landscapes, discover new stuff and also brings you closer to serene nature. More than a complete exercise to your body, mind and soul, hiking is a refreshing sport. Do search for some nice, shady, hiking trails near your area this summer.

Play Golf


Golf is another interesting sport that you can learn and play this summer. Utilize the several well-maintained golf courses around and enjoy a new sport.

Participate in a Summer Camp

Enroll yourself in a summer camp where you’ll get to do new and interesting things every day. Also, you get an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and learn new skills together. A change in surroundings and people will refresh your mind and soul and will charge you up for the coming months.

Dive in a Pool


What could be a better way to save yourself from the sweltering heat other than diving in the cool waters of a swimming pool? Enjoy a refreshing splash in a well-maintained swimming pool. If you don’t know how to swim then, there is no better time to learn! Learn the art of swimming this summer and enjoy the perks of it!

Run through the Sprinklers

This is one thing I truly enjoy. When you visit a garden on these hot and humid days, try running through the sprinklers. The little drops of water sprinkling over you will give you immense joy while cooling you down a bit as well. I am sure, you must have enjoyed this being a kid so, why not now?!!

Travel to a New Place

Plan a trip to some of the best summer destinations in and around your country. Explore the fascinations of the new place with your bunch of friends or family members and get closer to them during your trip.

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Relish Ice-creams


How many of you are in love with ice-creams?? Same pinch to the ones who are!! Summers allow you to relish on your favourite ice-creams without having to worry about their cool temperature and throat problems. Chase the ice-cream vendors that pass through your street or head to the best ice-cream parlours in and around your city to enjoy your preferred flavours.

Gaze at the Starlit Sky

Look up at the twinkling stars covering the sky above your head. Stargazing is such a beautiful and fascinating experience. Gazing at the starlit sky has a calming effect on your body and soul and that beauty of the sky is priceless.

There is a lot more to do. So, instead of getting bored, pick something that interests you and indulge into having fun this summer.

Have a happy summer!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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