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News today: Where are we heading towards?

Hi Folks!

I have always been among the ones who never actually cared about what is happening in the world around. You could never have watched me listening to the news channels. And getting to see a newspaper in my hand – was a next to impossible scene!

Yes, my parents and elders always wanted me to be a bit more aware of my surroundings. There were times when the world would be talking, expressing grief and praying for the victims of a bomb blast or a hurricane or an earthquake… and “me”… I would be busy making a birthday greeting for my friend, totally unaware of the fact that something bad has happened even a week after the massacre.

That was “me”…

I always found ‘news’ nothing more than ‘crap’ – thefts, politics, tech news, natural disasters, gang rapes, murder mysteries, terrorism, Bollywood gossips, etc. etc. So, no matter how many times I was asked to give 15mins of my day to the news channels or the newspaper, I never really did!

This story was until I came in touch with a news blog about one and a half months ago and started writing for them. Why I said a ‘yes’ to writing for a news blog despite of how much I hate going through it? Because of the unique idea the client shared – They thought of presenting world news, the first in the morning but in a different way. Their vision is to let the readers get all latest news and stories from different sections of life in a way which will make you think. Every story shared speaks about life and questions you, inspires you and strives to change the mindsets of people so that we can have a better, brighter, safer future!

I am glad to be a part of their site as one of the authors. My elders are glad that I am more aware of what’s happening around in the world. In fact, it’s often me now who is the first to talk about the latest issues even before others at home get to read about it.

But, something that really disturbed me and urged me to write this post is – the News Today. By ‘today’ I mean ‘these days’. What kind of news are trending these days? Be it the Ludhiana school girl’s gang rape story, Patel’s rally in Gujarat demanding reservation, meat ban in India, the European refugee and migrant crisis, the Mecca stampede hajj disaster, the American mass shooting crisis – the Oregon gun shot being the latest, or, the most recent Dadri beef lynching controversy in India.

All of these controversies, violence and riots are a proof of how insensitive we, humans have become to the pain of fellow humans. Incidents and stories like these are a question on ‘humanity’. Before becoming guardians of a religion or a caste/community, wouldn’t it be a better choice to try and become ‘humans’ first? Where shall this bloodshed lead us to? Where is the society heading towards? What are we trying to do? Have we forgotten about our ability to ‘love’? Till when will we keep trying to have control over what an individual eats, how an individual lives? Which ‘power’ are we willing to get?

Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power, our world shall know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix

Before learning the way to Rule, let us learn the art to Love and you shall never feel the need to rule again. Spread love and peace. Be more humane.

Keep loving. Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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