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Time to Make a Call for FEARLESS FREEDOM…

Hi Folks!

It’s been long I shared a word with you guys. Sometimes, you fall short of words – I guess. Or, maybe sometimes, you just don’t want to reveal all that is happening inside to the world out there. 😉 It happens with everyone of you as well. Doesn’t it? These are times when you actually feel like spending some time in solitude analyzing all that is going in and around you. 

Am not here to talk about how I had nothing much to say or, how I spent my time of solitude. Rather I am here to share something.

Though I have been missing from my blog all these days, that doesn’t mean that I have not been writing at all. As I mentioned in my post Why Write?, writing to me is a way of feeling alive. And I can never go without penning down my thoughts somewhere or the other.

Here I am to share about one of my most recent posts that got published at last evening under the title ‘India’s School Girl: Not Just a Body was Dumped, Her Innocent Dreams Were’. You may read the full post here.

This isn’t just another post but, more than that – it is another question on the law of our country, on the government and on us. It is a story of an eighteen year old Ludhiana schoolgirl who never returned home after school. She was kidnapped, gang raped shamelessly, murdered violently and then, her brutally injured, nude body was dumped in a canal mercilessly.

As the title says, the guilty not just dumped her body but they dumped her innocent dreams. To all those who backfired questions on the Delhi girl Nirbhaya for watching a late night movie show, for using public transport so late at night and for not practicing any safety rules, what do you have to say now?

Should this teen girl have not gone to school? Or, should she have not taken up the courage to return home alone after school at 2 p.m. in the noon? Or, was her school uniform provoking?

It’s awful how some animalists are free to roam in our society even after destroying innocent lives. And it is even more disgusting to hear how people don’t think once before putting all blame on the girl for what she had to suffer through.

If only we had brutal laws to punish the guilty, if only there were policies to take strict actions immediately (once the crime is confirmed), perhaps, none would have had the courage to play with the life of an innocent. All protests and all candle marches are of absolutely no use until a change in law and a change in society takes place.

If only we could teach our children to never hurt others, if only we could teach our kids to respect one and all, perhaps, the generation to come will practice and enjoy full freedom without fear.

It was only a few days back when I was questioning my parents about why I was never allowed to take that only direct train from Delhi to my hometown that departs every Friday night. I always had to travel home changing transports and never had the freedom to enjoy the comfort of that direct running train. you know why? Because that train departs at 11:30 p.m. at night and more than that, the route is pretty empty with not many fellow passengers to accompany. And my parents couldn’t take the risk of allowing me to travel in a much-vacated train overnight.

I was questioning them saying, “kuch nahi hota papa” (nothing happens papa).

But what do I say now?

Not to blame them. I am precious to them. They are afraid to risk my life. And they aren’t wrong.

Even after being an independent girl, even after having parents who have never restricted me from taking decisions or traveling or doing whatever I wish to do, my freedom still gets restricted sometimes in the name of “SAFETY”.

And I am not the ONLY one, there are thousands and millions out there, who have their real freedom chained in the name of safety.

Sometimes I WISH I WERE A BOY and then,

Teach your kids well guys…may the next generations live my dream of FEARLESS FREEDOM!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine:)

5 thoughts on “Time to Make a Call for FEARLESS FREEDOM…”

  1. Very well written Dakshita. I agree to what you say but never ever wish that you were a guy. You and everyone else is special in their own way, we should all value what we have. I hope too that the coming generation enjoys the fearless freedom 🙂

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