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The Magic of a Hug…

Admit it folks!

In today’s bustling lifestyle, nothing can be more comforting than a warm hug by your loved ones. A hug can make you feel protected and loved and it can also do wonders for your well being. Whether it is about sharing a greeting hug to a friend, a simple squeeze, a big warm bear hug or a cute cuddling hug – hugs in all forms make you feel warm and good.


A hug can cheer you when you’re blue
A hug can say, “Hi! Long time no see”
A hug can say, “Baby! everything’s gonna b alright”
A hug can say, “Man! you have done it”
A hug can say, “I hate to see you go”
A hug can say, “I m so sorry”
A hug can say, “Yo! welcome back”
A hug can say, “Sweetheart! I love you too”

The hug!!!

We hardly hug others even when they need it the most. A hug brings delights and hope to our dear ones…
Who knows, It must be why we were given arms !! 🙂

So, embrace your loved ones in your arms the next time you meet and make them feel special!!! Share you hugging stories, stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

5 thoughts on “The Magic of a Hug…”

  1. First of all a very tight hug for you…
    and yesss I totally agree with you… ‘ek jaadu ki jhappi’ can make a big difference…!

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