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What is ‘being busy’ taking away from you? – Valentine’s Day Special

Gone are the days when people remained contented with their basic needs being fulfilled. This is the age of ambitions, goals, standing up to societal expectations, proving yourself, holding respectable jobs, seeking promotions, owning and expanding businesses, earning a name of your own and being constantly engaged to the never-ending race to success, which is often measured in terms of big houses, luxurious lifestyles, huge bank balances, social status, branded clothes, expensive watches, lavish parties, etc.

And to achieve all the big things that you want to possess in your life, you end up missing on all the small pleasures of life. It is a very common story, the story of every other person around you, who keeps rushing from home to office and office to home, bringing work at home, sometimes spending all night at office only, having no Sundays in life, with his/her life getting driven only by ‘work commitments’.

You may be wondering why I have been saying all this on a day that is meant to ‘celebrate love’? It is because I came across a very beautifully presented video – the RuPay Debit Card TV ad for busy husbands, which presents the story of a couple where the husband stays busy in work, comes home late, could hardly manage to make it to movies or lunches and the wife misses his presence every day. But there’s something more beautiful to it, when the husband realizes what special moments they have been missing all this while…

Sharing the beautiful video – a great work by the ad agency. Do watch! It will change your perception towards ‘Success’…

As the video says,

Kaamyabi ko kamayein bhi, aur us kaamyabi ko manayein bhi… Kaamyabi manao, haq se!

means, Achieve success but, don’t forget to celebrate the success you achieve…:)

After all, life is all about the little moments of happiness and togetherness. Don’t confuse your life with your work. Your work is only a part of it. There’s much more to life…

So, with this I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Take a break and celebrate your success, your love and your life!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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