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The Quizzy Business

He was surfing through the posts by his social network when he saw:

“How well do you and your bestie go together?”

Thinking of his best friend in mind, he clicked on it and started answering all the stupid questions, which then appeared the most interesting ones to him. Once he clicked on the last check box to the last question, with his eyes set on the spirals revolving on the laptop screen “calculating results”, he waited eagerly. As if those were the most difficult 5 seconds of his life and then the truth revealed:

“You and your bestie are the dream team. You play to each other’s strengths and know how to work through anything together. Sure, you may not have a whole lot in common on the surface, but the old saying is true for you two: opposites attract.”

The words poured out his exact opinion about them and that naughty smile spread across his lips.

Does this not seem like your own story? Each one of you out there must have witnessed such happy moments after getting such lines as a result for some of the quizzes that you took part in. These all types of relationships, personality check quizzes are a new trend today. You will find the news feeds on your social networking sites flooded with all sorts of quizzes all day long and you do the same; clicking, answering, calculating results and then sharing it loud. The curiosity these quizzes build up to know why people like you or which Disney character are you like or how is the relationship between you and your best friend attracts a whole lot of readers and compels you to get into it. Many of these are pretty addictive!

It is amazing to get those perfect lines as a result to your answers. Reading those pretty lines makes your heart skip a beat and brings that wonderful little smile on your face. But, what if the result does not match your expectations? What if the quiz results say that you and your best friend are not that great together? What if the app considers you to be that very character of the film which you don’t like? You turn a bit low for a couple of minutes. Isn’t it? Many of you might be another step ahead when it comes to use these types of quizzes. Some of you may be retaking the quiz till the result matches with what you want to hear?

Just give yourself a sec… Should these really stupid calculated results make such a huge difference to you? Do you really think you need these quizzes and their stupid results to know yourself or to know the strength of your own relationships? It’s good till you use them as a time pass but it is extremely essential to check that such apps don’t turn into a time killer rather than a time pass. You have other important things to do…

Keep attempting quizzes, keep enjoying and keep sharing results but don’t you dare to waste your time because once gone, it never returns… 🙂

So stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…

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