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Unplanned Things Bring More Fun

Hi Folks!

Life is all about planning… That’s what most of us think, right?!!

Have you not been involved in making plans from the very first day? Plans for the way your life must head forwards, plans for the school, the college to join, the subjects to choose, the career to make, plans to get into the firm you wish to be a part of, the age to get married, the house to own or, plans for a grand wedding and the ‘live happily ever after’ story. Not just you but, everyone right from your parents to your teachers to friends must have been busy planning for the way your life should go!

However, things don’t always go the way you have planned them to! Life is unpredictable. It often puts you into circumstances that you have never thought of. And then, the unfulfilled plans and expectations from life leave you disappointed.

But, have your ever realized that it is often the ‘unplanned’ things in life that bring the real fun?

Think of your most pleasurable moments. Your most exciting evenings. Your most beautiful smiles. Your fun nights with a bunch of friends. Were they all planned? When you’ll think of it for a moment, you shall realize – Sometimes, the best things in life are often the Unplanned, the Unexpected ones!

Just imagine how boring will life be if you knew everything about how things will turn out even before actually experiencing them. The curiosity of what’s going to come your way is what makes life interesting. Changes, surprises and sometimes, even shocks are interesting and fun.

So, be appreciative for all that you have been blessed with. Stop making too much of plans for how your future life should go. Oftentimes, while trying to make your life you actually forget to live.

So, loosen your grip on plans and live the unplanned, the unexpected journey of life. Live your today!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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