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What Girls Actually Want this Valentine???

It’s Valentine’s Week! and the date sheet is already out:

♥ 7th Feb – Rose Day
♥ 8th Feb – Propose Day
♥ 9th Feb – Chocolate Day
♥ 10th Feb – Teddy Day
♥ 11th Feb – Promise Day
♥ 12th Feb – Hug Day
♥ 13th Feb – Kiss Day
♥ 14th Feb – Valentine Day

with winds of love flowing all around!

This Love Week has always remained special for all those who have their life partners by their side, for all those who have found the One for them a few years back, for the ones who have just fallen in love a while back – it must be their First Valentine that makes it even more special or for all those close buddies sharing roses, chocolates and partying together, just for the fun of it…

So, this post is for all those crazy Valentine’s Fans who keep waiting for this time to arrive the whole year and are now all busy in planning surprises for their ♥ Sweethearts ♥

valentine gifts

Guys! You must be all ready with your huge bouquets of flowers, chocolates, the big size, soft, perfect to cuddle teddy bears, romantic dinners, gifts, those heart shaped greetings, love messages and numerous other ways to express your love and celebrate the Love Week together.

But, today… I want to bring in notice – What Girls Actually Want this Valentine?

what girls want?

For all guys this will help you get an insight into girl’s heart and all the pretty girls reading, the next few lines are gonna make you Smile (only if you agree to my point :p)… So, here I go –

As a Girl who truly Loves you, we would never ask you to buy us expensive gifts or to take us out to expensive places for a lavish dinner in a romantic setting. We will never want you to present us diamonds, rubies or anything that expensive; at least till the times we tie the knot :p. Neither do we want you to make big, sugary promises of offering us a world of luxuries or something like that…

As a Girl who truly Loves you, we actually want nothing more than being Genuinely Loved…

Respect in your Eyes, Care in your Heart and a bit of yours Attention – that’s all we crave for! So, if you truly want to do something for her this Valentine’s, give her your Time… Spend a lot of quality time with her and appreciate not just her beauty but the little things that she does out of love and affection.

valentine time together

Note: In case, she longs for the other material things from you – ‘Beware’ – she might not be in Love… :p

Enjoy a great, loving weekend with the Ones you Love, living your heart out and having real fun in each other’s company.

Waiting to hear your opinions… Keep celebrating, keep expressing love… Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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