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Why Write?

Each one of us have our own reasons when asked ‘Why Write?’.

I Write to Be Fully Alive

To me, writing is a sense of being fully alive. Writing helps me express, make the most out of each moment that I experience, capture memories and treasure what I love!

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart… quotes William Wordsworth!

True… That’s what I feel about writing. Pouring my heart out on to paper is what helps me discover what is inside. It gives me a deeper understanding of myself, my emotions, the different faces of all coins in my life and much more.

Write to Capture Moments

Feelings and moments woven into words can help you save each moment you live. Writing a diary is a nice hobby to pursue; turning pages can let you relive all your moments once again. You can keep your joys and lessons trapped in the words that you write. A journey through these words will be equal to living another life.

Write to Motivate

Many a times, you may write to motivate; motivate people who need a ray of hope, giving an inspiration to help them take a step ahead in life. We all like to read motivational quotes and write ups at times when we are facing the lows in life and many like to write inspirational words to bring hope and faith in the lives of all.

Write to bring a change

Sometimes, your words can make a difference. With so much happening in the world around us, putting your fingers on keys and sharing your opinions can assist you in bringing a change. Act like an aware soul and raise your voice. Speak out both for criticizing the wrongs and appreciating the rights. Let your words rule…

Write for well-being

Studies show that writing has a great effect on your health as well. Penning down your emotions and circumstances including any traumatic events, fears, anxieties, pain or memories has good effect on your mood. It eventually helps you get relief from depression, lowers your stress levels and lessens your illnesses. Writing helps you grow and heals your pain.

So, pick up a pen today, pour your heart out and see the difference it will make in your life. Share what you feel about writing, stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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