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Hi Folks!

When I started with the blog in January, I planned to write every day (at least, try to!). I planned to keep striking my keypad keys and coming up with new stuff to share with you all. I planned to remain active here and let my words tell you the tales of my heart, raise my opinions about what’s trending, inspire a few some times, give birth to new hopes and just let my creative juices for writing flow!

But, it’s been almost 25 days that I haven’t posted. It’s not that I haven’t written a word, I have… but, none of my words were compiled in a complete post and updated here. If I think of reasons why I haven’t posted, I would say:

  • my client’s work kept me just too busy
  • or, handling home without Maa (my mother) didn’t give me enough time
  • or, the Internet connection went slow
  • or, I fell short of the right words
  • or, may be just anything

But, if I ask my heart for the true reason – my heart would say that it’s ME who didn’t make Enough Efforts! Every other reason is just an EXCUSE…

And if I am not wrong, it’s just not ME but, it’s YOU too, who didn’t make Enough Efforts to make some thing or the other thing happen the way you might have planned… Am I Right? or, Am I Right??

It’s common human nature to plan, plan a lot of things in life, varying from planning to complete your assignment the day itself to planning to achieve a target by the end of the year. Dreaming, making plans and hoping to make it a reality is what you all do! Isn’t it? But, the real work begins when you start taking efforts to make those plans come true. And this is where many of you must be falling short. You fail to put Enough Efforts to make things happen the way they should have and then, you blame a million other things that stopped you from making it happen…

But, my dear Folks! if there is something or, someone that can really stop you from making things happen, it’s YOU and solely, YOU. Blaming the circumstances or the people is of no help. No matter what excuses you make to others but, your heart will always know that it was YOU, who didn’t make the right moves at the right times. It’s you who lacked in taking Enough Efforts to achieve what you always wanted!

Admit it! Just like I am admitting it here that yes, I said I would post an update every day or, at least try to but, I fell short in my efforts. I never really tried because, if I would have really tried, nothing could have stopped me from posting!

Admitting your shortcomings brings you one step closer to your dream.

Also, I read it somewhere over the Internet that you are more likely to fulfill the commitments that you make to others, when compared to the ones that you make to yourself! So, share your goals, targets and commit to someone out there what you plan to do. You can either commit to a trustworthy friend or to any of your family members or, to ME here in the comments below… Just like, I commit to each one of You today that I’ll be here at every single day with something or the other to share…I promise…

Let me hear from you what one thing you commit to do today or tomorrow or in the coming month or by the end of the year or may be in 10 years down the lane… Share your plans and see how your commitment to the world out there motivates you to make Enough Efforts…

After all, Life is what you Make it and all that you need to Make it – is the right EFFORTS at the right TIME…!!

Make Commitments and do everything it requires to Keep your Words…SUCCESS is no Far from the One who does this…!!

Keep growing, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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