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Blogging – A Way of Life

Hi Folks!

Not much to say but I thought of sharing a few words about ‘What Blogging Means To Me’ before going off to bed tonight…

Well… More than a hobby or passion, blogging to me is:

  • a way of life
  • one small space that I own all rights to
  • a platform to share whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like
  • a companion/a friend

It feels really great to have my own personal space over the vast world of Internet.

Writing and sharing stuff pertaining to different arenas of life here, not only lets me express things my way and raise opinions but it also transforms me in a great way.

Many of my pals text me saying that my words inspire! Such words of appreciation from friends and strangers do boost up my confidence. Along with that writing here inspires my own soul as well. Blogging has indeed transformed the way I look at things. All the time and efforts that I put into coming up with inspiring words make me look at the lighter side of life during different circumstances.

Other than building up a positive outlook, blogging this often has been grooming up my writing skills over time. People say, “I have truly evolved as a writer all this while.”

There is much more to blogging…

The times when I am not actually posting here, you’ll find me reading more, you’ll find me typing out drafts, analyzing what more can I write about, planning about adding more sections, researching about blogging, the best blogs, blogging success, SEO, trending topics, etc., writing to my journal or doing clients’ work!

I guess blogging has become an irreplaceable, inseparable part of my lifestyle and I could never really go without it NOW. In fact, I would suggest you all to try taking up blogging at least once in your life. You will be amazed to see how it transforms the way you spend your entire days!

Think about it. It is indeed a great hobby to pursue.

Follow up my coming posts where I’ll be listing reasons for why you should start a blog!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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