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Friendship Day: Friends for Life!!

Hi Folks!

Hope you had a nice time sharing wishes, making calls, sending texts, posting lovey-dovey statuses along with fun-filled photographs and collages all over your social networks, partying together, remembering good old times and having fun with your lovely friends last evening!

None of you would have left a chance to let your friends know what they mean to you on your very own special day to celebrate “Friendships”. Am I right? or, am I right?? 😉

And for some, the beautiful rains and the lovely weather might have made your celebrations even more amazing! While some of you might have spent the day away from your besties in a different city, missing the good old times…!!

Irrespective of how you spent it, the day holds some meaning to the life of one and all… It is a day to cherish friendships, to cherish the fact that you have someone by your side, to cherish the thousand memories you have built together and the ones you are yet to create, to reconnect with the ones you couldn’t meet or talk to since long, to renew your silent promises of always being together, to wish you had not lost the ones you did, to hope for togetherness forever and much much more!!


Just like birthdays and other special occasions, this day brings you a mix of emotions and a treasure of memories and hope. May be, to an even greater extent…since its about “Friendships”…

  • the most beautiful relation of all
  • the relation you build with the people you choose, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, age, nationality, etc.
  • the connection you can never describe in words
  • the word that revolves around your second family
  • and there’s more to it…

Not everyone you come across during life’s journey is a friend and not everyone who becomes a friend remains a friend for life… But the ones who do – are indeed the best gifts of life – your “Friends for Life”…

You had yours in your mind while reading this… Your heart knows really well – who they are? – your “Friends for Life”…

Never lose them for anything else in life. Value them. And always keep them updated with the fact that they are important. Not just on “Friendship Days” but on any day any time you feel like; keep expressing love to them as no number of days will ever be enough to cherish “Friendships”…!! 😉

friends for life

Share this with your friends and let them know what they mean to you (only if you liked what I shared about friendships n about friends for life) Feel free to share your opinions in the comments 😉

I’ll tag mine for sure…:)

Let me wind it up with what I always say – Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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