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Blogging: Scheduling Your Blog Posts

Hi Folks!

This one is especially for:

  • the ones who are blogging at some platform or the other,
  • the ones who are planning to start a blog
  • and the ones who are willing to know more about what is happening “here” in “my life” “my blog”!

Well! Last week I wasn’t here. I didn’t write a word to you. Did you miss me? and my posts?

I surely did miss talking to my Folks! 🙂

Running a blog is a responsibility. It is a commitment you make to yourself and your readers that you’ll keep bringing good stuff for them to read. But, there are times when you fail to facilitate your readers. It may be because of your health, a vacation, examinations, some family function or a mere internet connection malfunctioning period!

Perhaps, this was why the “Schedule your Blog Posts” feature was first introduced. Scheduling your blog posts in advance allows you to write at your convenience, have a few posts ready in advance and make them go live at your desired timings automatically. All bloggers and would be bloggers must benefit from it. This way you will never have to leave your blog abandoned. Also, your readers will barely notice your absence even when you are absent from the blog!

Other Reasons Why Scheduling Your Blog Posts is Important

1) Publishing Content at Fixed Timings

There is a particular time when every site or blog gets its maximum number of views. If you publish your posts just before those accurate timings, it is beneficial from the SEO and Alexa rankings point of view. If you were not using this feature yet, start using it now. Schedule your blog posts and get them published automatically at a time when your site gets its maximum traffic.

2) Maintaining Your Blog Posts Frequency

Whether you post every day, once in a week or in a month, you must maintain your blog posts frequency. Your readers should know when to expect a new post from you. You can easily plan your next week’s posts by scheduling them on weekends or, whenever you get time.

3) Necessary for the Ones who want to Publish Posts Daily

This one is for people like me! You have to be ready for the unexpected time off. We are all social people and you never know what will occupy your time and when. Sickness and emergencies never come planned! So, it is better to be prepared by scheduling posts in advance.

How to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Every blogging platform including Blogspot, Weebly and WordPress have their own set of options for letting you schedule your blog posts.

In WordPress, once you have your post ready, you usually press on to this “Publish” button on the top-right corner and get your posts published.

publish your blog post using WordPress

Just above the “Publish” button, you will find an option that reads “Publish immediately“.

publish immediately option in WordPress

Click on “Edit” option next to it and “Set your desired Date and Time” as shown below. Then press “OK“.

Set date and time to schedule post in WordPress

As soon as you click “OK“, the “Publish” button changes into a “Schedule” button. All you are left to do is to click on “Schedule“.

schedule posts in WordPress

With this, I here schedule my post for the first time in life!

Adding it to my list of “First Times in Life“… yes, I have a series of things and memories reserved under the title “My First Times in Life” that include things like the movie ticket when watching a film First Day First Show for the First time in my life, my first job, a coin from my first time earning, a snapshot of my first official paycheck, my first Delhi metro ride, Worlds of Wonder, Noida tickets, first “challan” receipt and a lot more… Yes, am a crazy girl who is fond of doing crazy things…keeping memories for a lifetime…

Keep coming back to my blog to know more about me and the stuff I keep doing…

Also, don’t forget to try scheduling your next blog posts… Have fun bloggers and readers!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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