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Making the Most out of your Life!

Like I keep mentioning always, Life is a continuously ticking ‘Time Bomb’ that will blast any moment, without warning. Also, life doesn’t always give second chances. So, before it starts taking away your breaths, make every breath count!

Overcome your Fear

fear means either forget everything and run or face everything and rise

There must be a million things that you always wanted to do in life but, never really got the time and courage to step into them. Probably, the fear of failing is what stops you from even trying. But, just give it a thought, what’s the worst that could happen? You could probably fail. That’s it. Isn’t it better to try and fail rather than not trying at all?

After all, the greatest regrets in life are always about things
that you never really did rather than the ones you tried to do but failed!

Before your ticking ‘Time Bomb’ blasts, overcome your fear of failing, fear of losing people, fear of getting hurt or whatever fear is holding you back.

Enroll in that photography course that you always wanted to, join that fascinating dance class, share your true feelings with the girl you’ve loved from years, explore the hiking trails of the Himalayas. Do what you have always wanted to. Do it NOW because Tomorrow is never promised!!

Be Grateful for What you Have

Be grateful that you're still alive!!

No matter how much you crib over the kind of life you are living, the way your parents’ behave, the best friend who left and emptied your world, that dress you cannot buy or the trip which you could not be a part of, there is always someone out there who is wishing for a life like yours. While it is good to strive for the better things in life, it is equally important to be grateful for the things and the people that you have been blessed with. Appreciate what you have been taking for granted all these years; your home, parents, job, friends, education. etc.

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Value Relationships

Nurture relationships with love, care, trust, faith, efforts and time.

Value your relationships and keep them close. Sooner or later you will realize that they are your most priced possessions ever. Nurture them with love, care, trust, faith, efforts and most importantly, TIME. Yes, time is a big thing. Studies or fun, business or relationships, everything in this world asks for your TIME. So, make some time for all that holds value in your life.

Lessen your Expectations

If I would say, don’t expect or have no expectations, it’s something not possible. As humans, you do get close to people and you do expect things from the ones who are close. Thus, I would rather say, lessen your expectations. Do things selflessly just to enjoy the smiles that you bring to people. Don’t do a favour in the expectation of another favour. This will bring you peace!

Experience Forgiveness

forgiveness is a virtue of the brave

Dwelling in the past moments will only make life harder for you. Holding grudges or planning revenges will only cause damage to your heart and soul. When you have been hurt, when your trust gets broken, when you get to see the real faces of the ones you loved, I accept, it’s never that easy to forgive them but, once you do, there is nothing like it. Experience the peace of forgiving and forgetting.

Don’t treat Money as your Everything

Not even I will deny to the fact that money is an important asset for leading a happy and comfortable life. But what use is it of, if you end up missing the real joys of life while chasing money? You must keep in mind that money is not everything and it’s often the little things in life that really count.

Chase your Dreams

Rather than chasing money, chase your dreams. Follow your passion even if it means taking the road less travelled by. There is no greater pleasure than the pleasure of making your dreams come true!

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Drop the notion of ‘Why Me?’

How many of you are in the habit of asking ‘Why Me?’ every time someone or something puts you down? If you do, drop the notion of asking ‘Why Me?’ today. Life will go the way it is going. People will come and go. Situations will arise and subside. All that you can do is either sit back and sob at what life brings your way or, keep your head up and face it all. The choice is all yours.

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.”, says Charles R. Swindoll.

Never Neglect your Health

Health is Wealth!! There is a reason behind this popular saying. Success, Money, Power, Family, Relationships, Fame – none of these matter when you are not in the pink of health. You cannot even enjoy any of these when not well. So, never neglect your health while working for those extra few hours or consuming alcohol in parties or skipping meals being busy.

The next time you feel like nagging about how mean has life been to you, think again. There are many lying on those hospital beds for whom life is running out fast. Life is short. You get to live just once. No second chances. Before yours ends, ensure that you make the best of it!!

Live Life Like a Big Party!! Enjoy it to the Fullest!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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